Basic Affordable Woodworking

Using basic carpentry skills and easily available material we will be making a plate/cutting board rack. Ages: 12 to Adult. No experience needed. Cost of R220 pp includes tuition, all materials and tools.
The course will be held at The Bioscope.
Interested folk can phone : 079 303 2674 or email to:
Maximum number of participants: 6


Have you ever wanted to draw cartoons? Have you drawn cartoons but want to learn more? Do you simply feel like having fun with pen and ink and a bit of watercolour? Then cartoon for beginners is the workshop for you. I have been drawing cartoons for fun for most of my life, and have had a lot of fun. I will introduce you to the lovely medium of the cartoon and the graphic novel, and then take you through a guided exercise on a cartoon strip. Paper, pencils, inks, brushes and crayons will be provided, plus lots of inspiration.

When: Sunday 18th June
Time: 09h00 to 12h00
Where: Cranmore Lodge, 230 Uys Street, Wakkerstroom
Cost: R150.00 per person


Cheesemaking at the Owl House There is little doubt that "real", home-made cheese is much nicer than most of what you can buy in the shops. Unfortunately, making hard cheeses requires a lot of time, some special equipment and ingredients, and a place to store the cheese while it matures. This is beyond many people. There are, however, plenty of cheeses that can be made quickly and easily at home, and this workshop will focus on some of these.

The schedule is:
General intro
Renet the feta
Make the paneer
Make a yoghurt/kefir cheese
Cut the feta
Discuss hard cheeses
Start preparing the paratha and paneer for lunch
Put the feta into moulds
Start making the ricotta from the feta whey
Finish preparing lunch
Finish making the ricotta
Eat lunch

Date: 16 June
Time: 09h00 to 12h30 and then time to each lunch
Where: The Owl House, 240 Uys Street
Cost: R150 per person
Booking essential. A maximum of 12 people can be accommodated.

For the love of clay

"Ceramics are the new yoga"
We will be making a set of two matching soup/salad bowls using hand molding techniques. Firing will be done afterwards and arrangements made to get pieces to participants. Ages: 8 - Adult. No experience needed Cost of R250 pp includes tuition, all materials, tools and firing. The course will be held at The Bioscope, 11h00 to 13h00 on Friday 15 June OR 11h30 to 13h30 on Sunday 17 June.
Interested folk can phone : 083 260 9093 or email to:
Maximum number of participants: 10

Mysteries of Lace Knitting

Mysteries of Lace Knitting
While there is actually a distinction between lace knitting and open-work knitting, most knitting that has "holes" in it is referred to as lace knitting. While it can look very complicated (and, indeed, can be), in the end it is made up of the same two stitches that are always used: knit and purl. Once one has a basic understanding of how it all works, one is in a position to not only knit other people's patterns and stitches, but to start creating one's own.
Comprehensive notes will be provided and a start will be made on knitting the lace sampler, which incorporates practice of almost everything that you'd use for future adventures into lace knitting.
Date: 15 June
Time: 14h00 to 17h00
Where: The Owl House, 240 Uys Street
Cost: R100 per person
Bring with you: plain, light-coloured yarn and needles. Ideally sock wool and 3mm needles, but otherwise anything you have. Booking essential.

Mystery craft breakfast

Why a "mystery craft"? Because often people limit themselves by saying that they are not artistic enough, or good enough with their hands, or won't be able to do a particular craft. We can promise you, though, that no matter who you are, you WILL be able to do this craft and should gain some pleasure from the doing of it. Don't limit yourself. Take a leap - and have a good breakfast too!
Cost: R50 including materials and breakfast

Still Life Course

STILL LIFE CLASS In this short but comprehensive workshop participants will be taken through a series of short exercises in drawing from still life, which will be an arrangement of objects directed by the participants themselves. The group will then produce a finished drawing of the objects set up. Materials are supplied and these are pastels, sharpies pens, coloured pencils and graphite pencils. Paper supplied is A3 acid free cartridge paper, but participants are free to bring other paper.
R150pp 2 hrs
Contact Carol Preston 083 701 4670