Cast in Stone

To me the reward of taking a stone that was cut from the earth and making something beautiful with it evokes feelings of deep fulfilment. Locally sourced sandstone with its distinctive character, durability and working properties in rich shades from gold to steel grey are patiently sculpted into endless symbols of love. These very emotions have forever been cast in stone. It takes up a physical space and has a permanence that will hopefully outlast you.

The Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest was founded as an outlet for the many talented people living in and around Wakkerstroom, to sell their goods. It is run as a Home Industry and is proud to display and sell the work of over 40 people. Sewing, knitted goods, crochet work, pottery, woodwork, beadwork, various handcraft and wonderful produce make this little shop a treasure chest of personal, one of a kind gifts. We look forward to meeting you at this year's Arts and Crafts Ramble.

Quercus Health

Honey is our creed and raw, non-irradiated, pure and organic is how we flow. With 125 beehives, all in Mpumalanga, our carbon footprint is small, but our impact is big.
This is a family business from Ermelo, City of Oaks, hence the name Quercus. We celebrate the medicinal properties of raw honey and bee-products. Artisan foodie-crafts is our passion - handcrafted raw honey infusions, real food snacks and treats, homemade yogurts with our amazing honeys - YUMM!!!
Cell: +27 82 809 2069
Cell: +27 82 786 9745
51 Ennis Street, Ermelo, Mpumalanga, 2351

Wacky Knitters

We are group of ladies who get together once a month at Beryl Tubb's house. It is our love for knitting and especially knitting for charitable causes that binds us together. We also exchange ideas and learn so much from each other, with loads of chatting as well.
This year we have two very large projects on the go. We will be supplying "Starter Packs for new mothers". These packs will consist of baby blankets (new or used) jersey, booties, beanie, nappy, nappy pin, baby soap and face cloth. The Sister-in-charge at the Wakkerstroom Clinic will be in charge of handing out these packs as she will have got to know the mothers through natal care.
The second project is knitting teddy bears for bereaved children who have lost their parents and grandparents. In the past we have concentrated on raped and abused children who have been handed these teddy bears on arrival at the Police Station, hospital and Ambulances. These are handed to the children to keep and they find comfort in hugging these bears. We will continue as it is such a good cause.
We also include Dana Frail Care Centre as we provide them with knitted beanies and mittens. Last year we blanket stitched fleecy blankets for the elderly to use as knee rugs, shoulder rugs or just to keep their feet warm.
Over the years we have knitted beanies and mitts for Penny Fox's Aids Orphans, and at Christmas we add knitted toys which these young children really love because it is a new toy and it belongs to them. Another on going project is knitting jerseys for very poor white children who are not covered by other charitable organisations. These children really suffer in the winter months.
We do not generally sell our work, but if invited to the Art Ramble or Fibre Fair and given a free table, we do participate as we need funds to buy wool etc.
We do rely on donations of wool which enables our happy band of ladies to continue with their knitting. This year baby blankets, nappies and anything in that line are every welcome.

Wilbur Nyamukapa

Local wire and bead crafter Wilbur creates a wide array of lovely products using wire, beads and found objects.
Telephone: 073 450 6875