Jan Tshikhuthula

The words "In Flight", this year's theme, invoke many ideas, images and conceptual constructs.
Consider flight, the instruments of flight, wings, birds, any and all flying creatures, aviation.
Reflect on the dynamics of flying: how does a bird or an insect or a manmade flying object/craft stay in the sky?
Contemplate the other meanings of flight: to run away, to run towards; to flee for political and religious reasons, or merely to survive.
At IJUBA Art Studio this year we present guest artist JAN MAANDA TSHIKHUTHULA:
"The journey to the city is an archetypal South African story. Rooted in forced migrant labour, the flight towards an urban life is for many millions is a story of the challenging landscape of the heart."
It is also the story of Jan Tshikhuthula.
Born and raised in Tzaneen, Limpopo, he received his original fine art education in Venda. He then travelled to Jozi. A graduate of Newtown's Artist Proof Studio, he started with print-making, but in recent years has included charcoal and soft pastel landscapes which capture where he's come from and where he's going to.
Tshikhuthula is part of a new generation, driven by its collective energy. "If I don't wake up and paint or draw then I fear the buzz our generation has established will leave me behind."

Carol Preston

Carol Preston is a printmaker and cartoonist. Her primary medium is woodcut and lino cut, and her subject matter ranges from animals to portraits to cartoon representation of the world around her. her cartoons are large scale in pen and ink and Indian ink washes, and at present her focus is on anecdotal narratives around the pets she has. She also is passionate about making objects, both aesthetic and useful, (or both) out of discarded objects. cranmore.lodge@gmail.com

Frances Kendall

Frances Kendall is a contemporary realist whose painting is characterized by vivid yet harmonious color and translucent light. Frances works in oils, primarily as a portrait painter. Her large portraits include exquisitely detailed interiors or landscapes that offer extra understanding of the subjects. Born and raised in Kenya, and since then living in South Africa, Kendall finds herself drawn repeatedly to the images and iconography of Africa. Between portrait commissions she is presently embarking on a series of landscapes of Wakkerstroom where she has recently built a new home. Frances seeks to create beauty and in doing so to give pleasure.

Louise Dainty

Louise is an internationally known artist who now resides in Wakkerstroom. Armed with a degree in Fine Arts and after 40 years of self-training, teaching art and practising, she has mastered oil paintings and specifically clouds and the sky and interpreting the African Cultural life. Louise loves 'the feel of the sky' which is constantly changing from ice blue with white clouds, to stormy and thunderous, to soft sunsets and sunrises full of atmosphere and air. She 'story-tells' the rural and natural African life on her canvases, full of colour and filled with diversity and primitive design of the different ethnic groups. International interest came by word of mouth.
Contact: 072 101 8707

Mark Devenney

Studied at College of Art Dublin in the 60s.
Telephone: 0731309213
email: devenneyone@gmail.com

Matilda Angus

Matilda and George Angus are passionate about all things grounded in silence, nature and creativity. Living and running a small retreat centre in the Balele mountains close to Wakkerstroom, they practise their crafts of woodwork, pottery, sculpture and furniture restoration. They are inspired by this beautiful part of South Africa and aim to showcase it through their work. Both Matilda and George have decades of experience in their individual crafts and offer creative retreats and pottery workshops at The Restory Retreat Centre.

For more information visit our website: restorynews.blogspot.com or call on 071 703 9189.


Naki's artwork is absolutely unique and displays her character beautifully. Oil is her favorite medium and she prefers natural and recyclable materials including wood, iron and zinc. Her unique artwork is expressionistic and she also does the framing herself. Her inspiration is from nature and the world as she sees it.
Contact Hester Griesel on 084-722-0952

Wilbur Nyamukapa

Local wire and bead crafter Wilbur creates a wide array of lovely products using wire, beads and found objects.
Telephone: 073 450 6875